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we start from here because I believe that " a dream is what makes people love life even it is painful" about me:my name: (shemo angel ) believe that " the pain is a source of power" I came to you only because of those who turned me down and wanted to take my right to life and my right to freedom, which is so much that I was deprived of even freedom of opinion. From here I began to say to each of my harm me and wanted to deprive me of life and freedom, I say to him thank you with all my heart, because now I am strong front of all the pains and hardships without youFrom here will begin as long as my pen writes and beats my heart with life and will not end even if my age is over because the body dies but the words remain forever. The word is spirit and immortality for beauty and the word builds bridges of love My articles do not target a particular group or group because all human beings have all the rights and freedoms. No matter what color you are. You are white or black. Arab or American. It is only enough that you are a man who brings us one land and we feel the warmth of one sun.